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LLC’S and Operating Agreements: Myths and Truths

A lot of new small company’s overlook the requirement to prepare an operating agreement. While others view the document as a legal requirement to meet and do not follow up in speaking to an accountant. It is always best to follow up with both, although there is no real requirement to hire either an attorney or an accountant to draft your document. In which case, the best resources are with the SBA or Score if you are considering drafting your own documents. Each state is different with different laws and requirements.

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Why Limited Liability Companies?

The important fact is to decide on a business structure that is going to meet your near current needs as well as your future needs at the lowest possible costs to you and the least amount of personal liability to you. Since I reside in Washington State and understand the ins and outs, I would always recommend starting a Limited Liability Company if you are out to make money and are starting out on a tight budget to gets the doors open for business.

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Accounting Services: Accounting Methods, Which Fits Best

The two most common methods of accounting are the Cash method and the Accrual method. For most bookkeepers, accountants, and tax professionals, the easiest is always the Cash method. However, that is not always in the best interest of the business owner or fits both the short and long-term business goals and needs.

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Consulting Services: Hiring Accountants, Bookkeeper and Tax Professionals

Why is it so hard to evaluate what it is going to cost to hire someone to help with my accounting needs? There are tons of accounting and tax firms for you to choose from. But there are all similar issues that change the degree that it will cost you.

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